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Our Journey-Expressions Through Art

“Our Journey: Expressions Through Art” is a collection of children’s art created by children and youth who have received services at Campbell River Family Services Society. The Counsellors at Campbell River Family Services Society often use creative means when working with children and youth, especially in those cases where there may have been trauma or abuse. As explained by the British Columbia Art Therapy Association, “Thought and feeling often reach expression in images rather than words… through the use of art therapy, feelings and inner conflicts can be projected into visual form.”

This amazing collection of art showcasing the creations of children as young as six years of age has been made possible through a grant from the Campbell River Community Foundation and in partnership with the Tidemark Theatre and the Campbell River Arts Council.

“The creativity, originality and feelings expressed by the artists through their work is a reflection of their individuality and resilience,” said Camille Lagueux, Executive Director of CRFSS. “We hope that everyone in Campbell River will join us in celebrating these young artists by stopping in to view the exhibit.”

Marion Bryan, a clinical counsellor who works at CRFSS and uses art therapy regularly in her work with children and youth has witnessed the powerful effect that art therapy has in helping children and youth access their feelings. “Creating art therapeutically is more about the process of play, than about a finished product; although the finished product is quite profound,” says Bryan.

“Several studies have shown the tremendous benefits that playful activity has for the human brain. Even animals play. Exploring with the art materials in a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere allows children, youth and adults to engage in a process that is fun, improvisational and nourishing without the attachment to outcome or the worry to ‘productive’ and ‘successful’.”

This type of art is not about making something that looks good; although as you will see, sometimes it looks amazing “Creating in this way is often instinctive and taps into thoughts, feelings, memories and ideas that go beyond verbal language,” said Bryan.

“We hope that you enjoy the show and feel honored at being invited to glimpse a small piece of each child and youth’s inner world.”

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